Monday, April 11, 2011

So our spring break adventure this year included packing up the old Hake 5th wheel and trekking down the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful and we had a great time bonding. =) Lots of beach time including kites, shells, roaring ocean waves, lovely scenery, playing catch, playing board games, and yes the occasional movie at nighttime. We even made sure to watch Goonies before going to Astoria. Getting away was long needed especially for mama. I cannot wait to do it again!! We found an old atlas in a storage compartment that Grandpa Hake used to mark where he and Grandma went on their trips. AND it was fun to find all of the little homemade gadgets, little tools, and doodads Grandpa had tucked in every little hiding place. Miss him. =) He and Grandma have passed on something that creates wonderful memories for our little family.

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our family said...

Great photos! What a fun time....

The kids' first trip to Safeco Field. 2008

The kids' first trip to Safeco Field.  2008